You Will Know Them by Their Gummy Bears

AskdaPastor2.0 takes on Headstrong Baptist Girlfriends and Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. Woot.

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Everlasting Extras: Let Philadelphia Remain

Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries is a recognized service organization (RSO) of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, working to unite confessing Lutheran congregations to turn their eyes back to the nigh-abandoned mega-city of Philadelphia, PA, for the sake of mercy, witness and life-together under the Word and Sacraments of Jesus Christ.

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Blessed are the Noogied

Greek Tuesday does a little throw back action while also addressing the theology of repetition and the need for far less gLAWspel, while also recapping the TransFortWaynian Orchestra, checking in on all your email pics and vids, expressing the pain of my recent illness, and, most importantly, prepping you to view the most important Everlasting Extras release EVER.

The Office Seeks the Man: HN1_yXOZLXg

If Sir Charles Can Do it:

No Mo’ BeeCursitudes: E2DNQxxZlSk

Dr. Bryan and Mr. Evan:

Christ on Campus:

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From Calvinism to Lutheranism

Dr. Leonard Payton discusses his journey from Calvinism to Lutheranism. Several callers ask questions regarding the different views of predestination.

Dr. Leonard Payton
Original Air Date: September 9, 2004

From Calvinism to Lutheranism (mp3) (right-click to download)

The Beauty of Wormkind!

The Original Apologetic Gangsta, Richard Dawkins Hears No Mammals, Why Ugly Betty is Ugly, and how American Leadership Strategy Insists you be a Confessional Lutheran. Even EXTREEEME sound difficulties, editing nightmares and the last week of Lent can’t stop Worldview Everlasting from bringing you the latest random theological edumifcation for your consideration:

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Mission in a Box!

An upcoming big week, Lutherans in Africa Update, More on Heaven vs. the Resurrection, David and God’s Heart, Nom Nom, Ecute, and Show Me the Lutherans!

Lutherans in Africa Update:

A Mighty Banjo:

LCMS World Mission Harvest News:

Send Me the Money:

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Martin Luther and Ecumenical Relationships

What did Martin Luther think all Christians needed to believe and how did he determine those things?

Dr. Richard Bucher
Author “The Ecumenical Luther”
Original Air Date: May 26, 2004

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Rev. Mark Sell discusses healing. How does physical healing relate to the forgiveness of sins?

Original Air Date: September 9, 2004

Healing (mp3) (right-click to download)

Atonement Reloaded (After Tomorrow)

Greek Tuesday takes on John 1:29-42a, answering questions about the atonement, the “sin” of the world,” John’s purpose in baptizing, martyrdom, the Chosen One, the day after the day after tomorrow, the Christened One, plus why Andrew ain’t the point, and more.

Oh…and cat yodeling, reloaded:

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Absolute Anti-Mythos!

In-house Publicity, 1st Article Limitations, the Absolute Answer, NEW STUFF, RAWR!!!!, and…if you’re patient, the Death of an American Church…..

Absolute Anti-Mythos! (mp4) (right-click to download)

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