Unforgiveable Ping Pong Fu

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 is back in action with questions about the logic of True Religion and the terrors of the unforgivable sin – not too mention getting see what RevFisk was really up to on Tuesday, reliving the unforgettable moment, and then topping it all off with the master of the nun-chuka – and no, I ‘m not talking about Michaelangelo.

Ping Pong Fu:

Ping Pong without Fu:

The Original Concrete Hustle:


Unforgiveable Ping Pong Fu (mp4) (right-click to download)

Messing With Dispensationalists

If one day you come to realize that you are part of the Homo Superior species, how should you use your gifts for the sake of the Kingdom?

Here’s one suggestion.


Messing With Dispensationalists (mp4) (right-click to download)

Here, Kitty Kitty! (Pic Friendly, Monkey Approved)

Unjustified Orthodoxisms, The Patriarch of Saddleback CA, Grandfather’s Theologian of Choice, and Either the Best or Worst WEverVLogg I’ve ever made. What more could you want?


Here, Kitty Kitty! (Pic Friendly, Monkey Approved) (mp4) (right-click to download)

The Death of May 21st

Worldview Everlasting feels fine taking on Harold Camping’s silly prophecies through the Anti-Apostate Apostate Family Christian Radio. Tune in, especially after May 21, if you’re really scared now that what you thought was a sure thing didn’t exactly pan out so well.

Tony P:

Fight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utxRiYqROlM&feature=player_embedded#at=20


End of the World!


The Death of May 21st (mp4) (right-click to download)

This I Is Am My The Body Way

Worldview Everlasting returns with Greek Tuesday taking on John 14:1-12, and a few extra verses, focusing on where Jesus is going, and what it means to for us to be where he is also, by listening to the context of what it means to ask for things in Jesus name.


This I Is Am My The Body Way (mp4) (right-click to download)

Super True Stories: Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary and Mary (Ep. 2.5)

What would make the Resurrection Conspiracy even better? Giving all the ladies the same name. Duh.


Super True Stories: Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary and Mary (Ep. 2.5) (mp4) (right-click to download)

Nyan Justification

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor 2.0 takes on questions on the Absolution and Justification, while also sending out a hearty happy birthday to the Lord of the Sith *and* giving you the only thing better than bubbles: kittens in bubbles!

Dairy Queen Kittens:

Nyan Cat:


Nyan Justification (mp4) (right-click to download)

Everlasting Extras: Gay Marriage

Worldview Everlasting Everlasting Extras AskdaPastor 2.0 takes on a tough question for our day, the question of “gay marriage” and how it relates to homosexuality, adultery, the sixth commandment and the doctrine of forgiveness.

LCMS Marriage Resources: http://www.lcms.org/page.aspx?pid=866


Everlasting Extras: Gay Marriage (mp4) (right-click to download)



Call Day Ate the Bacon from Philly

Worldview Everlasting One Billion unseen unforeseens in order to bring you both a talking dog and the the missionary half pastor half ninja you need to put on your prayer list. Meanwhile, AskdaPastor 2.0 answers questions on Bible translation, study bibles, the value of pastors and more like these. It’s fun fun fun till the master takes the chicken with cat treats on it away. (Oh, and stick around for the graphic novel preview!)

Talking Dog:

Under the Hamme:


Call Day Ate the Bacon from Philly (mp4) (right-click to download)

The “How To” Show: How to Be Arrogant (Ep. 3)

Have you ever wanted to be one of those super-egotistical-totally-knowing-the-unknowable-mind-of-God people but didn’t know how?

The “How To” Show is here to help.


The “How To” Show: How to Be Arrogant (Ep. 3) (mp4) (right-click to download)

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