Raining Down God in the Belly

Worldview Everlasting Greek Tuesday (minus the music – haha oops) takes on Luke chapter 1, pondering the dream glow of Gabriel and the grace aloneness “raining down” faith of Mary, mother of our Lord.

I Don’t Believe in Science

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor 2.0 takes on questions about proving God, praying prayer, doing math and brings you a long overdue update on your sweet action mission society Lutherans in Africa.


Your Friends and Neighbors: Kenny the Sacramentarian Kindergartener (Ep. 2)

Meet Kenny. He thinks that “is” means “represents” or “symbolizes” or anything else other than “is.”

Your Friends and Neighbors: Jim the Anabaptist Fireman (Ep. 1)

Meet Jim. He’s a fireman who refuses to rescue people until they’re old enough to accept him as their personal rescuer.

Super True Stories – Save University Lutheran Chapel! Edition

If it’s true that it’s a super missional ideal to sell Christ’s Church in order to pay for stuff that’s not Christ’s Church, then why does the Bible keep saying not to do that?

Watch this super true story to find out.

For more information on how to help save ULC, go to: http://www.ulcmn.org/

The “How To” Show: How To Be a Biblical Scholar (Ep. 8)

Have you ever wanted to be one of those super smart guys who makes a career out of analyzing a Book you totally don’t believe in the first place but didn’t know how?

P.S. Yes, I now realize that I spelled “alma mater” wrong. But I’m not going to fix it because I’m lazy. So phbbbbbbbbbbbt.

The “How To” Show is here to help.

The “How To” Show: How To Have an Official Position (Ep. 7)

Have you ever wanted to know what to teach about an issue of controversy that really shouldn’t be an issue of controversy but don’t know how?

The “How To” show is here to help.

The “How To” Show: How To Be Controversial Finished Version (Ep. 5)

Have you ever wanted to be really controversial by saying things that are way less Nutso McCrazyface than what everyone else is saying but didn’t know how?

The “How To” Show is here to help.

A Baptism into Ninjitsu!

Worldview Everlasting returns with your long awaited Greek Tuesday shoyuken roundhouse attack on Mark chapter 1 vs 1-8.

Difference That Don’t Make a Difference

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor 2.0 fridays come to Thursday this week only because of the gnarliness of life, and WE take on the “humble” Harold Camping, the [lack of a real] distinction between Zwingli and Calvin, and the two (COUNT ‘EM!) 2 ways you can spot sacramentarian teaching on the Supper [birds of one feather] in 15 seconds or less.

Not So Happy Camping:

T-I-Double-G-urinus (and yes, it’s spelled wrong in the video):

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