The “How To” Show: How to Speak in Tongues (Ep. 9)

Have you ever wanted to babble in foreign languages you don’t speak that also totally aren’t even foreign languages, but just weird gibberish, but didn’t know how?

The “How To” Show is here to help.

Beanie Baby Infallibility

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 takes on questions about Roman Catholicism and Sola Scriptura, and points your way forward to the combination of two things every 12 year old young lady ought to love. :D

If You Bishopric Me, Do I not Lead?

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 takes on bishoprics!

That Skyriim video: cheesy, but in the best kind of way!

It is, like, Totally Necessary

Worldview Everlasting Greek Tuesday takes on Luke 24 and then some.

How Can a Man be Old *and* Right?

Are you a member of Israel, and do not know these things? AskdaPastor2.0 takes on questions about church history and being born again. It’s so cool, it’s almost inconceivable.

Duel Me With Hyssop

Worldview Everlasting takes on hyssop and sour wine for this Holy Week.

The Duel!

Ninjas and Omnibusi

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0′s first ever omnibus! Plus ninjas, kittens and all your favorite old friends. Don’t call me a creampuff! (And no, I don’t know what happened to make those trippy lines in the video. So it is….)

Oh…and please make sure to check out “Ask a Ninja” so you can die laughing. Google it!

You Have the Authority to Die

 Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 takes on Mark 10:32-45. Oh, and Chuck Norris shows us what angry really means.

The New Measures Are Powerful

Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 takes on questions about liturgy and free will, not to mention watches kittens fly an X Wing fighter.

Pietism, Legalism and Death Threats

Worldivew Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 takes on epic emails and dodges Chuck Norris’s punch. Woah.