I Think Homosexuality is not the Best Thing for Civilization

This video is not about homosexuality. Seriously. It is about politics, and what the Bible teaches about whether a Christian can be involved in politics, as well as what the Bible says about whether or not you can stop sinning. However, in the discussion of politics, in order to make the point that politics and freedom to debate is totally broken in this country, I have stated that I will title this video something which is bound to bring down intolerance and hatred of my viewpoint, even though the video has nothing to do with it. So, feel free to rail in the comments about homosexuality, but you’ll only be proving my point by doing so. Rock on.

The Binding of Captain America

Ha! Worldview Everlasting AskdaPastor2.0 takes on a pretty cool thank you and a question about loosing Satan, not to mention watches millions of innocents cut down upon the sands of life by the chaos of Bizarro Captain America. Vengeance is Batman’s Jedi!

The Great Captain American Massacre:

One Eighty:

Homestar Runner.Satire “It’s Dot Com!”

Worldview Everlasting Greek Tuesday takes on John 17, with a special guest appearance by everyone’s favorite youtube passtime while they’re waiting for Worldview Everlasting’s tech issues to be resolved.

A Guide to Your District Convention

Have you ever wondered what goes on at an LCMS District convention?

Thanks to Lutheran Satire, now you know.

Why the Bible’s Totally Wrong about Everything in Three Ad Hominem Attacks

Worldview Everlasting takes on a question about the age of the Bible and why certain Law from Leviticus don’t apply to Christians. Sound exciting, doesn’t it? But it may turn out to be a real fire starter, since a lot of this comes out of a bombastic attack by a certain homosexuality advocate, which means that the actual points of this video might be totally ignored and called hatemongering, even though it’s really just a reasoned defense of the Bible against a bully who in pushing his (a)morality down everyone else’s throat, decides to preach ignorance and hatred in the name of tolerance. I know, I know – he’s allowed to be mean to me, and I’m not allowed to respond or disagree. There’s no hypocrisy here at all, just a Christian picking up stones to throw at kittens and butterflies. But! There is also this cute kid with sword in it too, because ninjas are cool and stuff *and* the Avengers is coming out this weekend, which is even neato-skeeto-er.

How to Pay the Hatred Forward in Three Easy Steps:

Swingset Low, Sweet GI Joe, and Stuff

Yeah, SO THAT you will live. :D Worldview Everlasting Greek Tuesday takes on John 15 again, with special guest appearances by TSKIER4 and the Cat Lady too.

Welcome to WE Awesome Sauce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlC8N2B9BLM&feature=emailwww.msn.com/?pc=Z…

TSKIER4′s Original Anime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQU8GgsszYQ&feature=relmfu

Hugging Every Cat:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP4NMoJcFd4

Take Me to Your Vine, Earthworker!

Worldview Everlasting Greek Tuesday takes on John 15:1-8