Staying in Touch with Pops

WorldviewEverlasting AskdaPastor2.0shares some footage from the HT marathon, and answers questions about Lutheran theology, Law and Gospel, and the early church fathers.

Religion, Feelings and the Nu Haters

Worldview Everlasting takes on the Nu Thang of religion not existing, feelings not convicting and the interpretation of Scripture. But don’t miss telling the haters how much they’re stupid and the dancing dragon!

WE Karate!:

That old nu thang:

That new nu thang (redub):

That new nu thang (original scoffdawg mix):

The Right Kind of Flow

Greek Tuesday takes on Mark 5 and doesn’t come up with the most awesome Christological connection until just now writing the title. But that’s ok, it’s still 18 min of mostly “whatchu talkin’ bout” sweetness.