Halloween: How Do We Celebrate? Part II

More about the supposedly pagan origins of Halloween.

Halloween: How Do We Celebrate?

If you’re not trying hard enough, you can’t be a true Christian. But if you’re not paying any attention, you might accidentally become a total pagan. Halloween shows us how this works.

A Latter Day Re-Gift

Why are Islam and Mormonism so similar? Because the devil forgot to check Google Calendar for birthdays, apparently.

Also, I recognize that most of the captions fly by too quickly to read, so go to the following website, and I’ll have them all linked there:


The Hometown Prophet

Why is a prophet without honor in his hometown? Probably because it’s easier for people to reject your proclamation of God’s law when they remember how much of a brat you were.

Bible Interpretation 101: Zwingli’s Razor

Welcome to our first session on Bible Interpretation. Today we’ll learn how to come up with a ludicrous interpretation of a text that’s obviously about baptism in order to convince yourself that it’s not about baptism.

A Guide to Your District Convention

Have you ever wondered what goes on at an LCMS District convention?

Thanks to Lutheran Satire, now you know.

The “How To” Show: How to Speak in Tongues (Ep. 9)

Have you ever wanted to babble in foreign languages you don’t speak that also totally aren’t even foreign languages, but just weird gibberish, but didn’t know how?

The “How To” Show is here to help.

TYLPTL: Learning that Creeds Are Bad (Episode 10)

Your Lutheran pastor totally loves saying the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian creeds. But does he totally love learning that he totally shouldn’t say them?


12 Days of Christmas Special – The Whole Honkin’ Special

Ep 1: High Church Christmas
Ep 2: Low Church Christmas
Ep 3: Wisconsin Synod Christmas
Ep 4: Sectarian Lutheran Christmas
Ep 5: Jehovah’s Witness Christmas
Ep 6: Mormon Christmas
Ep 7: Calvinist Christmas
Ep 8: Arminian Christmas
Ep 9: Papist Christmas
Ep 10: Legalistic “Keep Christ in Christmas Guy Christmas”
Ep 11: Bart Ehrman Christmas
Ep 12: ????????

Your Friends and Neighbors: Kenny the Sacramentarian Kindergartener (Ep. 2)

Meet Kenny. He thinks that “is” means “represents” or “symbolizes” or anything else other than “is.”

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