Staying in Touch with Pops

WorldviewEverlasting AskdaPastor2.0shares some footage from the HT marathon, and answers questions about Lutheran theology, Law and Gospel, and the early church fathers.

Salt on a Light cannot be Citied

Worldview Everlasting takes on Matthew 5:9-20, including the Salt of the earth, the Light of the world, a City on a Hill, and the teaching of the Law. Law and Gospel come to the for, as does the Office of the Ministry and the Priesthood of the Baptized. Sounds way too cool to be true, doesn’t it? XD

Salt on a Light cannot be Citied (mp4) (right-click to download)


Atonement Reloaded (After Tomorrow)

Greek Tuesday takes on John 1:29-42a, answering questions about the atonement, the “sin” of the world,” John’s purpose in baptizing, martyrdom, the Chosen One, the day after the day after tomorrow, the Christened One, plus why Andrew ain’t the point, and more.

Oh…and cat yodeling, reloaded:

Atonement Reloaded (After Tomorrow) (mp4) (right-click to download)



Thinking About Your Funeral

Rev. Jonathan Watt discusses the planning of a proper Christian funeral.

Guest: Rev. Jonathan Watt
Topic: Thinking About Your Funeral
Original Air Date: September 6, 2007

Thinking About Your Funeral (mp3)