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Hi, this is Brian and I’m your host at Wittenberg Media .org. I was checking my web stats the other day and noticed that there were quite a few people downloading the podcast and hopefully listening as well. I just wanted to say thanks for listening, and I’d love to hear from you with any guest or topic suggestions. Just send an email to

I also have an offer I’d like to make. For the first 10 people that go over to and donate $100 or more, I’ll send you the 10 CD set of Pastor Wil Weedon’s series on the historic liturgy for free. Just email some sort of confirmation that you made the donation along with your mailing address. Once again my email address is Thanks for listening.

Financial Transparency

This is just a short clip combining two recent segments on financial accountability from Issues, Etc. On January 30, 2008 (2nd hour), Pastor Wilken responds to a caller by extolling the virtues of financial transparency. On February 25 (1st hour), Pastor Wilken responds to a comment line caller regarding KFUO’s grade of ‘F’ given by Ministry Watch.

Financial Transparency (mp3)

Note: This isn’t being added to the podcast because it is outside the programming.

Episode Release Schedule

I still haven’t come up with a consistent release schedule for episodes so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Would people prefer one episode per day or just release them as fast as I can? If a series is in progress, would it be a problem to have a different topic thrown in the middle?

Let me know in the comments or by email (


I want to thank Sam Powell, a seminarian, and Pastor George Naylor for providing me with edited versions of Issues, Etc. shows. I already have some of Sam’s shows in the queue for release, and Pastor Naylor provided me with 2 DVD’s worth of shows, so it’ll take me a little longer to get any of those up.

Episode Dump

I uploaded the rest of the Historic Liturgy series, but I don’t think I can keep this kind of pace. I’m hoping to get at least 3 episodes up a week. I’m going with my family to the snow tomorrow so I won’t be putting up an episode.

The next episode will be one with Albert Mohler. My brother requested something with Dr. Mohler so I’m looking for a good episode. Then I’ll start a series with John Warrick Montgomery on “Testing the Truth Claims of Christianity.”

Edit: Oops, got ahead of myself and started the Theology of the Cross vs. Theology of Glory series with Pastor Tom Baker. JWM will be next, I promise.

Adding Shows to the Wittenberg Trail

I started adding each show to “My Music” at The Wittenberg Trail web site. Just another option for following along. Go to my page (click on the link below) and on the left hand side is the “My Music” widget you can either play it there or grab the widget code.

View my page on The Wittenberg Trail

Podcast in the iTunes Store

The podcast is now available through the iTunes Store.


Welcome to Wittenberg Media!

With the much lamented cancellation of the radio program “Issue, Etc.”, there was an initial loss of the archives. I had been downloading, listening to, and archiving these shows and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get the programs I hadn’t yet downloaded. Fortunately, the archives were restored and there is a project ( to have the show in a different repository in case KFUO decides to take down the archives.

That being said, I wanted to contribute something to the effort of keeping “Issues, Etc.” alive. This blog and associated podcast is what I’ve come up with. What I will be doing is editing and organizing the shows by guests and topics. I remember a caller who wished for a better way to listen to the archives than just grabbing the whole hour and that’s what I hope this will be.

The first topic I will be releasing is the 10 part series with Pastor William Weedon on the historic liturgy. If you have any suggestions for topics or guests that you want to hear next, just leave them in the comments or email me ( Same for any comments or suggestions you have for the site. Lastly, if anyone has some logo design skills, I could really use some help with one for the site and podcast.